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Saul David Raye @ Thu, Sep 26 1:30pm

Starts: Sep 26th at 1:30pm ( minute set)

THU 1:30pm YOGA HALL 1

Evolutionary Heart

The Heart is the center of our being and the seat of evolving consciousness. Activate Heart- fullness and resilience with a healing flow of movement, breath, chanting and meditation.

FRI 1:30pm YOGA HALL 1

Soul & Soma

Healing Soma based practice focusing on awakening the body’s inner intelligence, fluidity and intuition.

SAT 11:30am Yoga Hall 1

Earth Centered Yoga for Healing
The yoga tradition has long held a tradition of connection of reverence for Mother Earth. This class includes earth wisdom teachings and practices, tantric asana, breathwork, meditation and chanting. There is no transformation of the earth without you. You are the transformation.


Prana Shakti

A full spectrum practice cultivating the power of healing breath and our connection to the field around us.

Stage: (, seats)

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