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Dharma Devi @ Women’s Sacred Space Sun, Sep 29 3:30pm

Starts: Sep 29th at 3:30pm ( minute set)

Sunday Women’s Sacred Space-3:30pm Embracing The Sacred Feminine~
All of us have deep and profound spiritual gifts; miraculous power within us. Feminine energy is one of the most potent forces on earth. As women we have been born with a sacred womb that is able to give birth to a being, abundant creativity, or great transformation within and around us!  What is our deepest offering that we’ve been holding back? It’s time to ignite our heart’s longing for union with the divine in all her splendid forms. Clarity Breathwork helps bring awareness and insights not easily accessed through traditional inner work. Breath opens the energy channels that reveals our essence. A truly awakened heart knows the pathway to peace and cannot help but serve humanity from it’s illumined compassion.

Stage: Women’s Sacred Space (, seats)

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To strengthen the global sisterhood, honor motherhood and the feminine energy needed in world today. This space is devoted to women only.

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