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Johanna Beekman


Johanna Beekman is the creator of Lullaby Yoga, a unique blend of yin and restorative yoga with heart-opening live music. Her class focuses on deep relaxation and healing, using principles from therapeutic yoga, yoga nidra, and subtle body and breath work. In Lullaby Yoga, Johanna gently guides participants through a series of deeply relaxing poses while singing and playing soothing songs and chants. The music facilitates the healing process by providing a luxurious, peaceful space for the mind to rest while the body relaxes, rebalances, and restores itself.

Johanna has studied many styles of yoga but settled deeply into the subtleties of restorative yoga and chanting after a life-threatening car accident near her Portland home. Johanna is grateful for these profoundly healing practices and for her teachers who helped her to claim her personal teaching vision while her body healed. Since her recovery she has offered Lullaby Yoga classes and kirtan experiences at studios, festivals, and retreat centers up and down the West Coast.

Johanna is a multi-genre singer and recording artist loved for her rich, soulful voice, her radiant spirit, and her evocative, inspiring songs and devotional chants that tap deep into the collective soul. She is equally comfortable performing sacred kirtan music for yoga festivals and classes, rhythmic world-beat grooves for dancers, and soulful ballads for concert audiences. Yoga Chicago Magazine says, “Johanna is blessed with a clear voice and vision along with abundant creativity.”

Heart Beats One, Johanna’s long-awaited kirtan album, features sacred music luminaries Benjy Wetheimer, Gina Sala, Girish, Jaya Lakshmi & Ananda, Ben Leinbach, Bibi McGill, Hans Christian, Sean Frenette, Daniel Paul, and others. The album, which was nominated as one of the top Conscious Music Albums of 2015 by Soul Traveler Radio, has been described by reviewers, musicians, and kirtan enthusiasts as stellar… stunning… gorgeous… beautiful… magical… mystical… sweet… healing… haunting… amazing… extraordinary…..

Johanna is now singing, playing, and teaching on a national tour. For more about Johanna, visit johannasings.com.

Please bring mat and props—pillows, blankets, bolsters—if you have them.