Yogrishi Vishvketu

Yogrishi Vishvketu

Himalayan Yoga Master and Co-founder of Akhanda Yoga, Yogrishi Vishvketu (Vishva-ji) is known for his infectious laughter, playfulness and approachable teaching style. He offers Western students, a grounded, knowledge-based and accessible approach to yogic spiritual life and teachings.

Vishva-ji has dedicated his life to sharing the teachings and spirit of Akhanda Yoga to inspire people to connect to their true nature of being fearless, blissful, joyful and playful.  He combines all aspects of yoga in a holistic approach including asana, pranayama, meditation, chanting, cleansing kriyas, yogic philosophy, and Ayurveda.

Vishva-ji was born into a family of yogis and Ayurvedic practitioners, and has been immersed in the teachings of Yogic wisdom and science since childhood.  Practicing yoga since he was three, he began his formal yogic studies at the early age of eight. He completed an MA in Yoga Philosophy as a gold medalist scholar followed by a PhD in Yoga Philosophy at Gurukul Kangri University in Haridwar, India, a major global spiritual center.

His teacher Baba Premnāt once stated, “You will never have a job. You will create jobs for other people.” Yogrishi Vishvketu has since trained thousands of teachers through his Yoga Alliance registered 200 and 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) programs in Rishikesh, India and around the world.

Vishva-ji has led hundreds of workshops, trainings and retreats globally including in Italy, U.K., India, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, U.S., Canada, France and Ireland, creating an international family of yoga practitioners and teachers.

He continues his father’s legacy of charitable works in local communities; In 2007 Vishva-ji co-founded the Anand Prakash Yoga Ashram Charitable Trust in Rishikesh and in 2013 founded Sansar Gyaan Pathshala, a free school for over two hundred and fifty underserved children in rural Uttar Pradesh, India.

Yogrishi Vishvketu is a published author (Yogasana: The Encyclopedia of Yoga Poses, Mandala Earth, 2015) and conference presenter. He is currently working on his next book.

His yoga teacher trainings, retreats and workshops are offered internationally. To learn more, for his schedule or for invitations visit:

To purchase his book, Yogasana: The Encyclopedia of Yoga Poses


Class title:

Fire Puja to Bring Healing Around the World:
Fire Puja, or Agni Hotra, is an ancient Indian ritual that we perform every morning at the ashram, in keeping with Vedic tradition. Its purpose is to invoke the elements of earth, water, fire, air and ether and the essence or Consciousness within which they exist. As we gather around the sacred flames we create space within our hearts through devotional offering to the fire. Our thoughts, actions, and words are purified by the vibrational power of ancient Sanskrit mantras that illuminate specific centers of the brain and guide all layers of the body into a place of harmony. The transforming power of fire and the healing power of mantra are said to purify the atmosphere and radiate peace. Using the Gayatri Mantra, which is considered to be a powerful mantra for inspiring right thinking and right action, we will create a highly charged vibration of healing for the world.
Akhanda Classical Kundalini Yoga:
A truly unique style developed by Yogrishi Vishvketu in 2003, this class focuses on the subtle energy systems of the body and works to balance the solar and lunar channels. Featuring asana, oscillating movements, Tantric and Vedic Bija mantras, chakra visualizations, and dynamic pranayama techniques to clear blockages from the energy passageways and chakras, aligning you with cosmic prana. You will come away with greater clarity, vitality, and peace, allowing you to take this energy out into the world in a positive way.