The Butter Thieves

The Butter Thieves

The Butter Thieves converged their musical talents after meeting in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala in 2018. Individually growing and expanding, Jamil Apostol, Finn Anderson, and Jake Steel knew they had something special and decided to meet up in the holy land of Vrindavan India, where they dedicated time to their devotional practice and connected collectively as musicians. Later adding Vrindavan Chandra Das and Sudarshan Das to complete the group.

It is a gift to cross paths with like-minded individuals who are in alignment with reaching their greatest good and highest potential—and that is exactly what you feel when you hear them play. You can feel their passion. Their mission is to “help each other have a higher sense of consciousness and a greater sense of self-realization; to find out who we really are deep down inside and to explore our common core.”

The Butter Thieves are inspired by artists such as but not limited to Nahko And Medicine For The People, The Grateful Dead, Kanye West, Bright Eyes, and The Kirtaniyas. Their unique style is a blend of many genres from Bluegrass to Doo-Wop, Reggae to Americana, Rock to Hip-Hop. They really do it all.

Each performance is completely different as they allow their sweet rhythms to flow to the collective consciousness of each audience. Seeing them live is an uplifting experience, they know exactly how to interact with the crowds, integrating people from all walks of life together in musical celebration. They move from their hearts and use their music not only as entertainment but as a form of sound healing to help all of us raise our energetic vibration.