Swan Kirtan

Swan Kirtan

Swan Kirtan is a devotional chanting group. We are a fusion of Eastern and Western music.  Here are a fine group of musicians. Daniel Paul on tabla, Ben Leinbach on bass guitar, Steve Postell on electric guitar, Dana Dharma Dasi DeLong on flute, Gershon Hendelberg on keys, Rick Frantz on acoustic guitar, Cy Scofield on vocals and hand cymbals, Sri Devi on vocals and Ashok Nalamalapu on vocals and harmonium.

“What a band! Beautiful Kirtan.” – Jai Uttal

Ashok Nalamalapu was born in India and has been a devotee since his childhood. He has been leading multi-faith chants and playing harmonium since 2011, singing in the traditional Indian Raga style. Ashok has been studying with Indian classical musicians and Jai Uttal. As part of his spiritual path, he has led kirtan at many festivals across the country including Bhakti Fest, California, Festival of Nations, Maine and the Lovelight Festival, Maryland. Ashok has also led kirtan at colleges in Maine, temples in India and the US, and at yoga centers such as Kripalu, Ananda Ashram and Integral Yoga Institute. In addition, he has served as a Master of Ceremonies, inspiring the audiences at all the major US kirtan festivals. His debut album was released in the summer of 2017. www.swankirtan.comashok@SadhanaMe.com