Sita Devi Dasi

Sita Devi Dasi

Sita Devi Dasi is a sincere practitioner of Bhakti yoga since the past 25 years and a long standing disciple of HH Radhanath swami.  She is also a spiritual counsellor and presently heads the Women Empowerment program for rural women at Radhanath Swami’s Eco Village outside of Mumbai. This program assists local woman with respect to various aspects such as spirituality, health, poverty alleviation, food security and teaching them to make a livelihood through skills such as stitching, painting, handicrafts and food production. As a trained dentist she gives free treatment and awareness talks in the villages about general health and hygiene.
She conducts workshops and seminars on teaching Principles of Bhakti, Sanskrit shlokas and Vaisnava bhajans. She also gives personal spiritual counselling sessions
She is a Kirtan singer and also trained in classical Indian dance.

Events Schedule

Sita Devi Dasi @ Workshop Hall 2
Nov 18th at 6:27pm ( minute set)
Workshop Hall 2


Attitude of Gratitude.

Learn about this deep spiritual principle of gratitude which has the power to transform your life. A heart filled with gratitude can attract the heart of God. Only way to bring positivity and abundance in your life.



Urban Devis inspired by Vedic Devis.

Stories of Powerful Vedic women and their relevance in facing the issues that women face in today’s world.  Discussion is interactive with questions and answers. Come and share your stories.



Change your Mind.

This seminar equips you with positivity and power to face life challenges just by unleashing the power of the mind.  Based on the pure teachings of Bhagawad Gita. 






Sita Devi Dasi @ Bhakti Kirtan School Thu, Sep 26 4:00pm
Sep 26th at 4:00pm ( minute set)
Bhakti Kirtan School

Sita Devi Dasi a follower of Bhakti tradition will be teaching the ancient Bhajans written by three saints and spiritual masters of the Vaishnava tradition filled with rich spiritual emotions and instructions which will elevate your consciousness. Come and bring your instruments.

Sita Devi Dasi @ Sat, Sep 28 12:00pm
Sep 28th at 12:00pm ( minute set)