Sianna Sherman

Sianna Sherman

Sianna Sherman is an internationally celebrated yoga teacher, evocative storyteller, and passionate speaker at conferences and festivals throughout the world. She is the founder of Rasa YogaMythic Yoga Flow®, and co-founder of Urban Priestess® – a platform that serves the empowerment of women. She was featured in Yoga Journal as one of the 21 top teachers shaping the future of yoga.

Sianna has a unique ability to touch the human heart through story, transmission and devotional practice. As a globetrotting yogini, she leads high-vibration gatherings, teacher trainings, workshops, sacred site retreats and pilgrimages as an offering of Love. Sianna is an innovative, visionary spirit with a deep devotion to Soul Alchemy, and her teachings are a true convergence of science, mysticism, art and yoga. Together with her Beloved, Masood Ali Khan, they create a Temple of Love experience with a dedication to All Beings.



Events Schedule

Sianna Sherman @ Fri, Sep 27 3:00pm
Sep 27th at 3:00pm ( minute set)


RITUAL Yogini & Priestess Embodied Wisdom

Gather in sisterhood, drink from the inner well, and connect with the wisdom of the Goddess. Listen to Her Stories, embrace the heroine’s journey and sing the holy songs. This is a Shakti pilgrimage of the gentle and fierce feminine energies within every woman. Sianna will share stories from the Yogini & Priestess traditions. In this sacred ritual space, you are invited to release, let go, rest in vulnerability and trust in your embodied wisdom

SAT, 10-11:30pm YOGA HALL 2

Rasa Yoga – Chakra of Compassion: Backbends, Pranayama & Chanting

Love is the Source and Love is the Force! Awaken your heart of compassion in this bhakti flow of backbends, pranayama, and chanting. Learn a skillful sequence to full wheel pose, Urdhva Dhanurasana, and creative variations of deeper backbends. With proper alignment, backbends help to heal the body, clear the mind and open the lungs to breathe more deeply. This is a progressive sequence of standing poses with symmetrical and asymmetrical backbends + functional anatomy to recalibrate your body and align with the divine.


SUN 12-1:30pm YOGA HALL 2

Rasa Yoga – Transform Poison into Nectar: Deep Hips & Emotional Intimacy

Yoga is a path of embrace. All parts of the self are welcomed home through the practices of yoga. Explore the asana of hips, twists, and forward folds with mantra and emotional intelligence. Sianna will guide you on an alchemical journey through the hips with the embrace of your emotions. You will learn the 9 emotional gateways of the yoga tradition, called rasas, and how to work with emotions for transformation.

Rasa Yoga is a bhakti fusion of asana, mantra, mudra, myth, pranayama, meditation, functional anatomy, Tantric yoga philosophy, shadow work, and soul alchemy.