Shunia is a duo that combines ancient chants, unforgettable melodies, and polycultural rhythms into a sound that feels both new and timeless. Their music conveys deep energies and spirit. The state of “shunia” means stillness, a stillness of power and receptivity. Shunia’s members, Lisa Reagan and Suzanne Jackson, combine their influences and inspirations to create genre-defying music with the power to transform and connect you to the energy within and around you. It can put you in touch with something as simple as your five senses or as mysterious as the infinite. “Mantras have been chanted for thousands of years. As Shunia, our desire is to compose beautiful music for the mantras to be enjoyed on many levels. Everything on Earth is ultimately vibration. When you chant, you vibrate your body which in turn changes how you feel both physically and mentally”. Experience the music of Shunia, it will transport you.


Workshop Info:

Title: Sa Re Sa Sa: Starting Point for Shunia