Rasa Priya and Maui Sound Healing

Rasa Priya and Maui Sound Healing

Maui Sound Healing is best known for its unique blend of ancient sound practices, mantras, chants, shamanic invocations, raga, isochronic tones and world instruments such as sarod, tabla, didgeridoo, violin, singing crystal bowls, Tesla and Paiste gongs and more. “Our goal is to create and hold sacred space in order to support the journey of the listener”, Rasa explains. Rasa Priya and his wife Sarah Thom have worked in the healing arts for more than 40 years. Musicians include Sarah Thom-crystal singing bowls, Andrea Walls-violin, Forest Hada-didgeridoo, Udaya Bryce-tabla and waterphone, and Rasa Priya-vocals, sarod, and gong.



Class Title:  Shamanic Sound Journey

Description: Bringing light into the shadows, Rasa Priya and Maui Sound Healing use a unique blend of mantras, chants, shamanic invocations, world instruments, gongs and crystal bowls to create a sacred space of healing and transformation. For bios, videos and photos please visit our website: mauisoundhealing.com