Om Botanicals

Om Botanicals

Website Biography: Sudhir Shah’s interest in natural remedies and holistic health started at a very young age. He grew up in India with nine other siblings and a mother who had extensive knowledge of Ayurveda and medicinal herbs. She successfully treated her family and community with blends of botanical ingredients, teaching Sudhir about the healing power and effectiveness of herbal remedies. Later in life Sudhir struggled to find products free of toxins and chemicals to treat his sons eczema. It was then he decided to use the knowledge his mother provided alongside an educational background in molecular biology and take matters into his own hands. Within months, Sudhir formulated a chemical free treatment that was highly effective in mitigating the symptoms of his sons eczema. As a scientist, who understood the harmful effects of toxic chemicals on our body, he decided to create a brand reflecting my passion for others overall well-being!


 (Tittle) OM Botanical: Learn About the Benefits of Natural Ayurvedic Skincare

(Description) After learning about the Ayurveda medical technique we use as a foundation in formulating our personal care products, Founder, Sudhir Shah, will exhibit just how effective our methodology is by providing you with the opportunity to see the effectiveness of our top selling product: One Step Face Wash.