Nubia Teixeira

Nubia Teixeira

Nubia shines a new light on the ancient traditions of Hatha and Bhakti Yoga, offering a unique approach to yoga asanas that are expressive and evocative of the qualities and the benevolence of the deities. Her unique and universal perspective on yoga, combined with her extensive training in the tradition of the classical dance of Odissi, culminates in a fusion of authentic teachings, creative movement, embodied wisdom and devotional experience (with a Brazilian twist)

Awakening the physical body to the asanas, mudras, powers, elements and chants of three archetypal deities of the hindu pantheon, Bhumi Devi, Durga Devi and Shiva, you will experience embodied devotion and learn how to embellish your yoga practice with the beauty of Bhakti.

Within the world of symbols, myths and mystery, we can find the gateways that connect us to these sacred wells of inspiration. Join Nubia for a one of a kind experience.

Class title:

Taking Refuge in the Divine Mother”
 In this offering, Núbia will invite us to take refuge in the Divine Mother’s shelter, She who can give us protection and orientation.
In this class we will:
– pray to the “Matri Guru”, or Mother Teacher, and offer our minds and hearts to Her.
– embody some of Her qualities in a few stationary asanas, and invoke Her potency with some key mudras.
– work with visualizations and reflective meditation on the Divine Mother’s attributes.
Lets gather in community at Her feet!




Núbia Teixeira 
Founder of Bhakti Nova School of Yoga, Dance & Reiki
Founder of “Nubia’s Devotional Yoga Online School” on Patreon:
Author of “Yoga and The Art of Mudras”