Monika Nataraj

Monika Nataraj

Monika Nataraj has spent the past 15 years as a “nomadic, dancing, mystic Shakti adventurer of the soul,” leading sacred dance, tantra and yoga workshops in 20 countries throughout Asia, Europe and North America. Monika is a senior teacher of Agama Yoga and runs a yoga and meditation school in Dharamsala, India. She is the creatrix of the 200-hour Mystical Dance® and Shakti Spirit® women’s teacher trainings held annually in Koh Phangan, Thailand and co-leads the Mystical Yogini women’s teacher training in India. Monika also pioneers goddess dance journeys in Turkey, and studies and performs classical Indian temple dance, Sufi whirling and ritual belly dance. She is the co-director of the Dharamsala Film Festival. Monika took the name Nataraj – Shiva in the dancing form – to remind her that consciousness and creativity are eternally moving as One. 


Events Schedule

Monika Nataraj @ Women’s Sacred Space Thu, Sep 26 3:00pm
Sep 26th at 3:00pm ( minute set)
Women’s Sacred Space


Sensual Shakti Activation

Ignite your feminine sensuality and tap into the wisdom of the womb as a path of sacred transformation. Through ritual, Mystical Dance® and tantric inquiry, we awaken and embody our wild, juicy and sublime Shakti. This experiential playshop invokes Tripura Sundari also known as Lalita Devi

Monika Nataraj @ Women’s Sacred Space Fri, Sep 27 9:15am
Sep 27th at 9:15am ( minute set)
Women’s Sacred Space


Lakshmi Ritual

Lakshmi is the Goddess of beauty, prosperity, abundance and generosity. She bestows on us the ability to manifest our deepest desires and guides us on grounding our spiritual aspirations into this world. In this unique ceremony, we invoke Lakshmi through movement, magic and meditation.