Monica Heim

Monica Heim

Monica is a Yoga Alliance certified Ashtanga Yoga Instructor (RYT500) from Monrovia, CA. She loves teaching and working in the festival circuit!
In addition to teaching Yoga, she presents on topics such as mindfulness, meditation, and stress reduction in the workplace. She is a dedicated health advocate, encouraging yoga and conscious living as lifelong endeavors for optimal health and wellness. She is a graduate of UC Berkeley.



Events Schedule

Yoga and Self-Acceptance
Sep 29th at 7:00am (90 minute set)
Yoga Hall 3

In this class, we will practice self-acceptance:  body, mind & soul.  By changing our perception of our faults or limitations from one of resistance to open-hearted acceptance, we are able to free ourselves from unnecessary suffering.  If we choose to bow in gratitude to our short-comings, we may find the lessons they teach us to lead to wisdom and joy.
This class entails a 5-minute talk, 5-minute meditation, and a Vinyasa Flow based on the Surya Namaskar C series.  All levels welcome!