Mike Love

Mike Love

Mike Love is a musician devoted to revolution through sound. Born in O’ahu, Hawaii to a family of musicians, Mike has used music as a conversation for as long as he can remember. He comes from a unique convergence of influences, yet all are bound by their common ambition to inspire positive change in the world. He releases his music independently on his own Love Not War Records label, and his sound is not bound to one genre but spans his variety of influences, including roots reggae, classical, and rock music.

Mike’s songs possess wisdom and seek to instill change, whether it be regarding issues of the environment, animal cruelty, or personal growth. They are about being conscious and mindful as human beings living amidst so many other life forms on this beautiful planet. For Mike, music is a form of healing, learning, and growing. We had the pleasure of speaking to Love about his background, influences, and points of inspiration.




Events Schedule

Mike Love @ Fri, Sep 27 10:00pm
Sep 27th at 10:00pm ( minute set)