Jai Uttal

Jai Uttal

Jai Uttal is a Grammy-nominated pioneer in the world music community. His eclectic east-meets-west sound has put his music at the forefront of the world fusion movement. Jai Uttal’s musical roots embrace a rich variety of cultures and traditions that span the globe and the centuries. From the hillbilly music of the Appalachian Mountains to the passionate strains of Bengali street singers, from the haunting rhythms and melodies of ancient India to contemporary electric rock sounds, Jai’s music distills the essence of diverse musical forms.




Join Jai Uttal for his Fall Online Kirtan Camp – The Art and Practice of Kirtan 

A six week online journey through the inspirational art of Kirtan, or devotional chanting, and Bhakti Yoga.

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September 16 – October 21 2020

Do you like stories that are filled with divine inspiration, spiritual meaning and that will bring more light and love to your life?

Do you want to connect more deeply to the ever present source of love that flows within your heart and throughout all of creation?

Do you want to feel more beauty and connection in your life?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this is your invitation to join Jai Uttal in prayer and song, and to dive deeply into the Ocean of Bhakti. Together we will delve into the “Art and Practice of Kirtan – Online Kirtan Camp”.

This is what you will be offered in The Art and Practice of Kirtan:

• Six live online classes with Jai
• 6 modules of recorded content with an additional 1 hour of bonus material• Learn to chant the ancient mantras and connect to the divine
• Explore Bhakti as our intimate relationship with the Source
• Explore the heartful path of Bhakti Yoga
• Create and nurture a daily practice of Kirtan and Japa
• Honor and follow tradition
• Discover your unique and personal path of devotion
• Connect your voice to your heart
• Hear inspiring stories from Jai’s 50 years of practice on the path of devotion
• Weekly optional homework assignments to help you integrate what you have learned

If you would like to cultivate a more sacred life, and join a vibrant Bhakti community shining light and goodness into the world, please register now for The Art and Practice of Kirtan – Online Kirtan Camp.

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