Ecstatic Latin Reggae Aftro-Funk with a Mystic Twist.

Fantuzzi’s music and life defies categorization. For over 45 years he’s traveled the globe bringing joy, peace, spiritual passion, clarity, dance, rhythm, exuberance and an unending source of vibrant energy to people in venues ranging from huge outdoor concerts to intimate house gatherings. Drumming circles, drum lessons, sweet ballads, kirtan gatherings – spiritual and uplifting music that moves people in many ways. Party music of the most energetic order – Latin, Afro’ beats, Reggae, Salsa… all accompanied by eclectic accomplished musicians who gather to the call that is Fantuzzi.

Events Schedule

Fantuzzi @ Thu, Sep 26 6:30pm
Sep 26th at 6:30pm ( minute set)


Fantuzzi @ Bhakti Kirtan School Fri, Sep 27 1:00pm
Sep 27th at 1:00pm ( minute set)
Bhakti Kirtan School