Brian Campbell

Brian Campbell

Brian is a Bodyworker, a Forrest Yoga Guardian Teacher, and a hands-on teacher of Anatomy and Myo-Fascial Release Massage. He is the co-founder of YogaBodyworkers and has 19 years of experience doing Pain specific Structural Massage and 17 years teaching Forrest Yoga in Los Angeles.

Brian’s magic is built upon a synergy of Forrest Yoga & Myo-Fascial Bodywork. His mission is to teach people worldwide how to use their hands to help relieve pain in others.

Brian was a Head Teacher at the Shiatsu Massage School of California in Santa Monica from 2006-2014, teaching Anatomy & Physiology, Pain & Orthopedic Evaluation, Deep-Tissue Massage, and Advanced Myo-Fascial Anatomy & Treatment Courses.

In 2007, Ana Forrest asked Brian to become a Level 5 “Guardian Teacher”, the highest level of distinction in the Forrest Yoga system. As a Guardian, he has committed to Mentoring new Teachers and to carry on the Forrest Yoga Legacy of Healing to future generations.

He is a highly passionate teacher and is known for his skillfulness in working with injuries and teaching students how to get out of pain.

Brian is currently teaching MyoFascial Bodywork, Hands-on Anatomy, & Forrest Yoga training throughout the United States, Europe, & Asia.

instagram: @Brianbodyworkyoga