Arezu Kaywanfar

Arezu Kaywanfar

Arezu is a lifelong yogi, committed to inspiring others. She was introduced to meditation at age 5, and yoga by the age of 7. She then became the youngest Kundalini teacher at age 14. She has dedicated her life to following this passion, through her brand InspireZu, inspiring YOU! She teaches over 10 styles of Yoga for all ages & Meditation, traveling often teaching workshops and retreats internationally and for corporate wellness, as well as teaching virtually now.

She is also a certified Brain Longevity Specialist giving her “Brain Booster” courses, teaching the power of ancient mantras to bridge the science behind spirituality. Her life mission, as her brand of InspireZu states, is to use the mindful practice of yoga as a platform to inspire, unite and uplift all those whom she comes across.

She is hosting weekly Kundalini Fusion classes on Zoom Saturdays at 11am PST as well as bi-monthly Kundalini Meditation Courses, to support you in creating a daily practice.

Stay in touch with her via IG @inspire_zu as she continues to share more…


Title:  Cleanse and Clear Kundalini Fusion


A unique Kundalini Fusion class focused on opening the body, clearing away energies of the past, cleansing the electro magnetic field, enhancing brain and circulation with Kundalini Kriyas (i.e. Frog & Swan Kriya) and ending with a Kundalini Meditation for releasing the couldn’t in life that often robs us of our innate JOY. A class for all levels, for more info or resources contact Arezu @inspire_zu