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Housing is offered Thursday to Monday and $40 additional fee for Wednesday night. Please contact if you are interested in booking on-site housing. Camping is also available.

Find directions and shuttle details here:Travel Information

Current Available Housing (Everything else currently sold out)

Womens and Mens Dorms:  $250 Thursday to Monday $40 extra for Wednesday

Cozy Trailers: $900 for 1-3 people Wednesday to Monday (1 trailer left)

Cozy Camper Trailers (Still Available for Bhakti Fest)

Please contact if you are interested in booking any of our onsite-RV campers.

All models are air conditioned
They are fully refurbished and renovated, with a variety of bed configurations. No kitchens or bathrooms, but they have a gravity flow sink for brushing teeth and washing face and hands. Power outlets, lockable doors, and did we mention they are air conditioned? Festival tickets are not included in the rental price.
Outdoor showers and portable potties available.
Pricing:$900 for 1-3 people Wednesday to Monday

Men’s Dorm

The men’s dorm was uniquely designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and son Lloyd. This large and spacious tiled room has beautiful stone walls and a fireplace, with 4 showers and 2 restrooms. Fully heated and air-conditioned. Bed linens, pillow, blanket, soap, and towels are provided. You may wish to bring extra blankets. 13 Beds

3 toilets ensuite and showers in adjacent room / FYI some shower/bathroom areas are coed.

Pricing: $250/per person. Thursday to Monday $40 extra for Wednesday.

Pricing: $250

Rental Bell Tent

Bell tent for rent. No bedding, cots or electricity. Please email with any questions or to reserve.

Pricing: $400/per tent (2 people) $50 for a cot 

Thursday to Monday, can check in as early as Wednesday.

Pricing: $400 each tent, $50 for a cot

Sapphire Rooms

Joshua treeSOLD OUT

Pricing: $350/per person. – 2 person max

Ridge Cottages


Pricing: $450/per person.

Caravansary Rooms


Pricing: Varies

Apartment and Studios

Lodging at Bhakti Fest Sold Out

Pricing: $350/per person.

Women’s Dorm

Womens DormSold Out

$250/per person. Thursday to Monday $40 extra for Wednesday.

Pricing: $250