Our Vision

The Bhakti Fest Group endeavors to create heart-centered connections through festivals, yatras, adventures, retreats and local events. Bhakti Fest’s core mission is to provide a platform where people can gather as a heart-centric community focused in love, devotion and conscious living.

We bring people together from around the globe to practice yoga, sacred music, dance, learn, grow and raise our consciousness. Bhakti Fest is dedicated to spreading love and consciousness to the world.  Together we celebrate the ancient tradition of Bhakti (which means love!).

Our Team

  • Sridhar Silberfein
    Executive Producer

  • Gail Silverman
    Associate Producer
    VP Sales & Marketing

  •  Bri Mayfield (MiterSimran Kaur)
    Associate Producer

    Work Exchange Volunteer Director

  • Markabadi
    Associate Producer

  • Hanna Joanne Klausner
    Administrator & Registration Coordinator

  • Bella Silberfein
    Registration Coordinator

  • Haridass Kaur
    Housing Coordinator

  • Nancy Montes/Stephanie Bianca
    Artist Co-Coordinators

  • Harimander Singh
    Sound Manager
  • Sharanam Anandama
    Stage Manager

  • Wendy Puchalski
    Healing Sanctuary Coordinator

  • Mason Hernandez
    Street Team Manager
  • Jonathan Weber
    Sound Production with Audiotek Sound

  • Zoe Kors
    Brand Consultant

  • Jason Riem
    Graphic Designer
  • Ken Schwenker

  • Bonnie Burkett
    Social Media

  • Susan von Seggern
    Public Relations
  • Kat Dancer
    Newsletter Coordinator

Heartfelt thanks to all our Bhakti Fest Photographers: Joy Santos, [Joyful Images Photography], Mitchell Manz, Lakshmi Grace Phoenix, Jeff Eichen, Julianne Reynolds, Kevin 2016, Richard Nesdale, Sandra Goodin Photography

Web Design: Rebecca Gray

“It takes two flints to make a fire.” ~ Louisa May Alcott