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Bhakti Fest

Sept. 25-30, 2019

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Shakti Fest

Celebrate the Divine Feminine
May 9 – 13, 2019

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Bhakti Tours

Explore Beautiful & Mystical India
Jan. 24 – Feb. 11, 2020

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Bhakti Speaks

Find Nourishment in Sacred Teachings
On-going Talks

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Get Involved and volunteer with Bhakti Fest

Explore how you can participate in the growing bhakti fest community from volunteering to becoming an artist.

Our Causes

Learn more about the causes that are close to our heart and join us in supporting them.

Bhakti Shop

Unique handmade clothing, malas, and jewelry. Inspired, created, and packaged with love.

Bhakti Wisdom

“All we really ever have is our mood, our bhava.”
– Shyamdas