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What to Bring

Bring your own gear and camp under the stars! The layout is open and first-come, first-serve. Co-ed showers and bathrooms are available at no-cost. Please Note: Camping passes must be purchased with your tickets.

  • Sun protection: Protect yourself, cover up! There are shaded areas around the stages and yoga halls, and of course, there are indoor spaces, but you will spend time walking under the sun from place to place. Remember, coconut oil has no SPF!

  • Hat

  • Sunglasses: Not your most expensive pair, with all the dancing and hugging going on!

  • Bathing suit: We have a pool and hot tub.

  • Towel + eco-friendly soap: Phosphate and sulfate free soaps detergents and shampoos (such as Dr Bronners): There are heated showers onsite to keep you nice and clean!

  • Tent, sleeping bag

  • Stakes: high winds do occasionally move through the high desert. Be prepared!

  • Flashlight

  • Soft blanket

  • flag: if you want to identify your campsite

  • Reusable cup, bowl & utensils: All our food vendors are ecologically aware and will be happy to serve you food and drink in your own eco-friendly vessels. Help us move toward zero-waste!

  • Toilet paper

  • Garbage bags: please minimize your trash, pack mindfully!

  • Clothing layers:  for hot days and cold night

  • Short lawn chair: Low chairs don’t occlude the view of others. If you have a physical need to sit in a higher chair there will be spaces towards the back of the audience for you to place them.

  • Camera: For the memories! Post online and tag #bhaktifest and #bhaktifest2018. 

  • Gifts: Some people bring small gifts to give away to other family you meet. Healthy, loving, something to make people smile.

  • Small luggage lock: if you feel the need to lock up your tent.

  • Pen & paper: Take notes at a workshop, or jot down some late-night, chai-inspired ideas!

  • Vehicle key code: Sometimes it happens! You might misplace your keys while walking in the desert! Have a backup plan.


  • Alcohol: we’re an alcohol free fest.

  • Stovetops: sorry, codes don’t allow any fire on site!

  • Fireworks: don’t worry, we promise you’ll be entertained!

  • Plastic bottles or plastic grocery bags: Help us reduce waste.

  • Styrofoam coolers: bring reusable items, please!

  • PETS: only licensed service animals are permitted. Please inquire with info@bhaktifest.com prior to arrival.

  • Illegal substances

  • Loungers or recliners in front of the stages

  • Bicycles/scooters/personal motorized vehicles. NOTE: You may park your bike or scooter at the festival entrance. The festival is not responsible for it and you won’t be able to move your it unless leaving the festival grounds.

  • For safety reasons, any form of transportation that would carry you faster than a walking pace will not be allowed. This applies in all areas: camping, parking and the