Our Vision

Bhakti Fest and Bhakti Ventures endeavors to create heart-centered connections. Through festivals, yatras, adventures, retreats and local events Bhakti Fest offers the best in yoga, sacred music, dance, workshops, and classes; all intended to inspire devotion. Bhakti Fest creates an opportunity to sit along side some of world’s master teachers, and sacred music artists in the conscious community. We co-create a place where everyone can let go of ego, and meet love, self, and the divine. These sacred gatherings are offered to the divine, as a way to join together in conscious community.


Bhakti Fest’s core mission is to provide a platform where people can gather as a heart-centric community focused in love, devotion and conscious living. Embodied through Bhakti Fest festivals and retreats, people join together from around the globe to practice yoga, sacred music, dance, learn and grow. Bhakti Fest is dedicated to spreading love and consciousness to the world by hosting sacred gatherings.  Together we celebrate the ancient tradition of Bhakti (which means love!).