Shyamdas Live Album Now Available!


Shyamdas Cover

One summer evening during the 2012 Bhakti Fest Midwest, Shyamdas’ late night set was so transcendent that the audience and kirtan wallahs alike stood in awe as Shyam poured his heart not only into his chanting, but also into the Vedic stories he shared. This beautiful offering of devotion was recorded at Bhakti Fest Midwest 2012 in Madison, Wisconsin. This Kirtan album is a sample of the transformational music by Shyamdas that inspired so many on the path of devotion.

Though nothing can replace the loss of Shyamdas, he left us with so much, so many teachings, reflections, and memories, and most of all, the example to live a divinely inspired life, in constant search for bhava and in appreciation for one another. Those of us who were close to Shyam know he would love nothing more than for all to continue on their own journey towards eternal bliss and appreciation for satsang and kirtan of all kinds. As an offering to the beloved Sanskrit scholar, kirtan wallah, and devoted Bhakta, this live album will remain most sacred to kirtan lovers, ensuring that the love and legacy of Shyamdas lives on.

Kirtan Tracks
1.)Lila One - Midnight Raga
2.)Lila Two - The Lotus Eyed Sadhu
3.)Lila Three - Devakinandana Gopala


Shyamdas Live at Bhakti Fest Midwest is now available for $20 plus shipping and handling. For more info, email Bhakti Fest

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