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Shakti Fest Vendor Village

Browse our vendors below and be sure to visit them when you are at the Festival.  Learn how you can become a vendor

Main Stage

Anu Alchemy’s products will be available for sampling and purchasing. They offer Ormus collected in Navapashanam water, Siddha Medicines, Plasma, Spirit Totem Essences and Talisman Gemstones.

Sustainable honey and beehive superfoods
Black To Life products are based in carbonized bamboo powder. This carbon powder promotes vibrant health as an effective detoxifier. We offer bamboo products, drinks, bamboo facials and even wellness consultations.
One of a kind embroidered pieces of wearable art.
GoodFarms is on a mission to improve lives from farm to table and cultivate positive change. We offer the first organic cold pressed strawberry juice!
Handmade, fair trade, unique, organic hemp and bamboo clothing as comfortable as it is beautiful
HealthForce Super Foods has been a leader in whole-food nutrition for well over two decades. We are proud to be the #1 source for high-quality, vegan superfoods.
Custom design dresses made from custom designed natural dyed fabrics, and ShiborI tye dye. Custom design sandles, meditation altars and palm leaf tote bags

Responsibly made, yoga inspired clothing that flows

Vintage, second hand, clothing, jewelry, essential oils and lotions, Street art.

They will be offering a variety of complimentary services including Wellness consultations by Ayurvedic Practitioners, Dosha Body typing, 10 minute neck/back chair massages with Chakra oils, Virtual Guided Relaxation Meditations, skin consultations for Sun damage and refresh with herbal Colloidal silver mists.

Kala Imports Festival collections

Conscious, fair trade, eco friendly, small local community based store, spiritual.

Ceremonial, Movement and Every day wears for women and men
Handmade silver jewelry with semi-precious gemstones and minerals.
Goddess inspired clothing line for the modern age warrior princess.
Moving inspired clothing for dance and yoga. Original designs. Custom made in Bali.
Yoga and Meditation inspired jewelry. Custom Malas are hand knotted by Rana Nader on site for festival attendees.
Sacred garments and art that inspire the divine man and feminine in you batik art stirred by aloha colorful spirit and embued by the deep feminine.

Maker of unique meditation seats and accessories.

Sacred Art Clothing And Custom Leather Works.

Si Sono essential oil infused lava stone jewelry and bamboo cutlery. Formulated to enhance wellness, elevate consciousness, and support sustainable ways of living.
Temple Flower brand only. We are manufacturers of designer yoga apparel.
Statues of Ganesh, Shiva, Lakshmi etc. Finding your Ishtadevata (archetype).

Warrior Within Designs is a San Francisco made clothing company creating wearable art or women & men. Our designs are all original & unique in fit offering multiple uses per garment.

White Swan is home to artist merchandise and music for the festival along with festival goods like shawls, malas, clothing and more.
Vital Yogi and Hana Moriah come together to offer handmade jewelry, an apothecary, and gemstone creations that nourish the mind, body, and soul.

Unique, high quality clothing, jewelry, yoga and meditation supplies and more. Many made in the USA. Catering to the sophisticated hippie.

Sparkling Turmeric Tonics


Artist Adi Pirzada makes sacred seed rudraksha jewelry, micro-macrame with healing crystals, and feather adornments inspired by the great spiritual traditions of his native India.

Consciously foraged, mined and gathered. Handcrafted jewelry created with the intention to honor the woods.

They make available the best educational resources and technology for Structured Living Water. Water the way Nature and our bodies use it, Real Hydration!

Blonde Peacock travels to spiritually powerful places around the globe to bring you designs with meaning. All designs are from photos around the planet.

Organic Cotton Performance Fit Yoga Clothing for Women and Men. All Eco-friendly Manufacturing. All Pre-shrunk, Easy Care, Made in USA.
Handmade Wire & Fabricated Jewelry
Brighter Living Organics is dedicated to providing only the highest-quality products, therapies and educational retreats designed to enhance your life naturally and raise consciousness.
Colibri Healing supports healthy landscapes, cultures, & people by preserving ancestral wisdom and craft- in Peru and in our own backyard.
Magical Brazilian Fairies Crystal Lounge with Conscious Mining Healing Crystals from all over the World.
Hand-carved gem and mineral pendants, hand-beaded necklaces and malas with sacred antiqued buddha amulets and symbols, and hand-dyed rayon bamboo wraps and scarves.
Delight your senses by experiencing the pure quality of DoTerra Essential Oils. Handmade essential oil gifts, chakra oil kits. oil locket jewelery, and more.
Private Sound Sessions with Gongs/bowls/chimes on therapy table. Sell Gongs and other Sound Instruments.
Henna Crone offers all-natural henna and Jagua adornment. Indulge in the grace and beauty of this ancient art.
A holistic approach to healing. Includes herbal topicals including hemp skincare and pain salves, Tinctures, and massage oil. Naturopathic Practitioner specializing in lymphatic drainage and massage.

Intuitive Readings, Akashic Record Readings, Intuitive Art, Oracle Cards, Soul Vision Portraits, Activation Codes, Hemp Oil.

Artisanal CBD Hemp Infusions Crafted with Hawaiian Botanicals.
We sell handmade, hand dyed, hand printed clothing all made in Orange County, CA.
Indian Musical Instrument Store
Yoga mat backpacks, bags, slings & straps designed by Debbi Latham. Plus, yoga themed jewelry, zipper charms, foot jewelry, yoga bra tops and tapestries.
Neem Karoli Baba Ashram and Hanuman Temple. Taos, New Mexico. Love, Serve, Remember, Tell the Truth. “Serve as Hanuman Served.”
Come revive and rejuvenate by ordering from a selection of different vitamins and supplements that are intramuscular Injections to help re hydrate, replenish and boost your energy for your stay at Shakti Fest.

Master crystal bowl player, who activates nature and people through the frequency of crystalline sound using my alchemy crystal singing bowls.

The yoga of the teacher for the age, Maitreya. The benefits of Transmission Meditation.

Vedic astrologer, teacher and author. Sam Geppi is the author of 2 well known books on Vedic Astrology. Yoga and Vedic Astrology and The Ascendant – 108 Planets of Vedic Astrology.
Jewelry inspired by symbols of nature, divine truth, and transformation. Creative expression is the great mediator between earth and the cosmos. Passion infused with Shakti.

Yoga Hall

Organic Cotton Yoga Clothing for Yogis and Yoginis. Performance fit active wear fit specifically for yoga. Environmentally conscious company. All made in USA. Machine washable.

Dedicated to providing only the highest-quality products , therapies and educational retreats designed to enhance your life naturally and raise consciousness.
To bridge Science and Spiritual Understanding to the plight of Elephants, bringing awareness and providing solutions through expert collaborations using film and social media. (formerly SavingGanesh)

Bodysuits for women who love to move. 100% made in California from reclaimed fabrics.

Blend of movement, deep soul connection, and inner peace, be guided as you step into a journey of healing and renewal
Sales of Yoni Eggs for Sexual Awakening and Female Empowerment
Siddha Labs crafts organic, Ayurvedic herbal supplements and for radiant health and wellness! All of our products have been formulated by an Ayurvedic practition

Goddess Gear is Handcrafted copper jewelry line evoking the creative power the lives in us all. Inspired by the natural and mystical world.

Eco-friendly, chemical free artist designed yoga mats and apparel.
The Modern Hippy, Beautiful Crystals & Amazing Big Sur Jade designed with love and intention!

Food Court

Superfood acai bowls with hand-crafted organic gourmet gf granola & specialty almond butters.

Steaming whole grains and beans cooked in organic coconut oil mounted with a crisp blend of leafy greens, herbs, veggies, fruit and zesty Bite sauce.

Manufacturer of the Chaga Shot and other hand-crafted health products made from the chaga mushroom.

BuddyPops offers delicious ice pops and frozen bananas dipped in dark chocolate. Our all-day breakfast service includes nourishing avocado and nut butter toasts.

Vegan, vegetarian, organic, gluten free choices of delicious Indian cuisine.Curry and rice bowls, nan wrap, samosa, mango lassi chai tea.

Fresh organic probiotic drinks, organic superfood drinks for energy and immunity, fresh sprouted organic almond milks.

Organic, vegan gluten free- entrees, salads, beverages, desserts & more.

Organic, vegan, hand-made Sudanese-style Falafels.

Turmeric Food and Beverage.

“One should see any opportunity to serve as a rare and precious gift…and never waste such an opportunity.” ~ Amma