Dear Supporters,

We write with some very exciting news — we have just launched a new and vastly improved website for Ramana’s Garden:

The New Ramana’s Garden Website!


The new website supports Ramana’s Garden Children Home India, as well as our U.S. 501(c)(3) charity, Friends of Ramana’s Garden, Inc. Please take a look and let us know what you think.

Please share the new site with your friends and acquaintances, and like and follow our Facebook and Instagram pages, which are also linked at the top and bottom of each page on our new website. The more “likes” and “follows” our social media pages gather, the greater visibility we achieve so more people can learn about the work done at Ramana’s Garden and the wonderful kids that live and thrive there.

Ramana’s Garden Appreciates Your Support

We at Ramana’s Garden greatly appreciate your kind and generous support over the years and look forward to a new era of improved growth, particularly as more and more of the kids need tuition and related support for high school, university, trade school, or graduate school.

We strive to provide each child with the financial and other resources that she or he needs to achieve the educational possibilities appropriate for each individual, be it training to become, for example, an electrician, pilot, nurse, doctor, lawyer, or teacher. Our new site therefore provides options for sponsoring a child for particular educational needs as well as other targeted projects, in addition to the standard donation button we’ve always had.

Finally, we are very pleased to announce that the founder and director of Ramana’s Garden, Prabhavati Dwabha, was recently awarded the 2017 Bhakti Fest Spiritual Humanitarian Award “for the creation and sustaining of Ramana’s Garden” and to “honor your tireless service to the children of Rishikesh, India.” Bhakti Fest presents its spiritual humanitarian award to one individual every year, and past recipients have included Ram Dass (author of the seminal book Be Here Now). We are thrilled and honored that Prabha’s work has been recognized in this way by Bhakti Fest.

We hope you enjoy our brand new website, and that you share it with many friends —!

Very truly yours,

Tyagan Scott Attaway

Vice President and General Counsel, Friends of Ramana’s Garden, Inc.