The News Has Arrived...

Extra! Extra! Chant all about it! The Press gods have spoken and are singing their praises. Read all about what the media is having to say about Bhakti Fest...

Yoga Chicago
The Beatles, Bhakti Fest Midwest and The “Western Ear,” Part 1

Shakti Fest 2013 Field Report

Yoga Chat
A Shakti Fest Preview

New World Kirtan
A Conversation with Larisa Stow

Festival Fire
Your 2013 Festival Guide Featuring Shakti Fest
Shakti Fest or Bust: 10 Reason to be There

Elephant Journal
Make Bhakti Not Bombs

Origin Magazine
Interview with Sridhar Silberfein, Founder of Bhakti Fest

Lost in Sound
Bhakti Fest 2012 Review

Putumayo World Music Blog
Artist Spotlight: Sean Johnson

LA YOGA Magazine
Bhakti Fest's Live CD Review

Edge Magazine
My Experience at Bhakti Fest

The Spiritual Woodstock of the New Millennium: First Annual Midwest Bhakti Fest

The Bhakti Beat
Bringing Home the Bhav: Bhakti-Fried Bliss Chaser Faces

Bhakti Fest West: We came, We practiced, We Chanted.

Huffington Post Article by Philip Goldberg
Bhakti Fest: Back to the Garden for Yogis

International Kirtan Interview with Sridhar
Bhakti Fest Creator Sridhar Silberfein talks all things Bhakti and Festive

New World Kirtan
Girish: Bhakti Fest 2012

New World Kirtan
Bhakti Fest 2012: Day 1 Sampler

New World Kirtan
Bhakti Fest 2012: Day 2 Sampler

New World Kirtan
Bhakti Fest 2012: Day 3 Sampler

New World Kirtan
Bhakti Fest 2012: Day 4 Sampler

New World Kirtan
Bhakti Fest 2012 Wrap Up

Yoganonymous interview with Krishna Das
The Godfather of Bhakti Fest: An Interview with Krishna Das

Elephant Journal
Ditching Yoga Class & Discovering Devotion

Elephant Journal
Bhakti: A Love Affair with Love

ABC Wisconsin
Bhakti Fest makes ABC news as it comes to the Midwest

LA YOGA Magazine: The Service Behind the Scenes
LA YOGA Magazine Examines the Service Behind the Bhakti Fest Scenes

Wisconsin State Journal
Spiritual Gathering Bhakti Fest Makes Midwest Debut

Yoganonymous interview with Donna De Lory
Donna De Lory on Madonna, Music, her Kids & More

Sridhar chit chats at Yoga Chat
Listen to Sridhar's interview on "Yoga Chat" Podcast with Joni Yung: It's Bhakti Fest Time Again!

Yoganonymous Day Three Recap of Bhakti Fest Midwest
Hot and Bhavered Bhakti Fest Midwest Day Three Heats Up the Frozen Tundra

Yoganonymous: Top Ten Things Heard at Bhakti Fest Midwest
Top Ten Things Heard at Bhakti Fest Midwest

Yoganonymous Day One Recap of Bhakti Fest Midwest
Were in Wisconsin: Drop Your Udders, Drop Your Pretenses

New World Kirtan: Midwest Bhav Saturday
In this special edition of the podcast, New World Kirtan interviews Sridhar Silberfein, a fun chant from David Newman's set and Krishna Das' opening prayer & chant.

New World Kirtan: Midwest Bhav Sunday
What a day in Madison! A stellar kirtan lineup, some wonderful fellowship within the community, and a rockin', funky "Hey Shiva Shankara" from Dave Stringer. Interviews with Mike Cohen, Joni Allen, Brenda McMorrow, Luna Ray & Ragani!

The Bhakti Beat
Sridhar Silberfein Changing the Pace of Kirtan in the West One Bhakti Fest at a Time

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