Pre and post Festival Intensives are a wonderful way to extend your Festival experience.  Join us for these immersive experiences led by some of your favorite teachers and presenters.   Don’t miss these unique opportunities to dive deeper into your practice and spiritual journey. Additional fee and a full festival pass required to participate.

Living from the Heart! Bhakti + Yoga for the Flow of Life

with Saul David Raye & Govind Das
& special musical guests: Radha & Jim Beckwith

1pm to 5:30pm
$60 – Investment
September 25, 2019
Please join us for this intimate post-festival immersion as we dive deep into the practice of living life from the heart. Gathering all of the experiences and high energy of the weekend and weaving it into a powerful strengthening and clarity of heart, mind, and body to lead from the heart. The heart is a muscle and is also a powerful center of intelligence and consciousness within us. The heart can be strengthened and awakened on all levels through the teachings, practices, and techniques of Yoga. It is the heart that connects us deeply into the flow of life itself, both in good times and challenging times. The practice of yoga as living from the heart.
Saul & Govind Das have been friends for 20 years and are excited to come together and share this special afternoon at Bhaktifest.
This Afternoon Immersion will include:
* Yoga Practice with Saul & Govindas
* The Power of and Importance of the Heart ( Spiritually & Scientifically)
* Specific practices for tapping into the power of the Heart
* Kirtan & Live Music with Govindas & Radha, Saul and others
* Techniques & Practices for living yoga in everyday life
* Heart-centered meditation practices
* Bhakti Yoga teachings
* Chanting Hanuman Chalisa & Gayatri Mantra
* Closing Heart Circle

govinda das & radha, sacred music, kirtan, yoga, workshops

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“Today, like every other day, we wake up empty and frightened…. Let the beauty we love be what we do.”  ~ Rumi