Shakti Fest 2015: Day 2

05 Dec Shakti Fest 2015: Day 2

By Bernadette Ignacio

A brisk morning sky and spring desert blooms greeted us on the second day in our beautiful yogi oasis. We arose from Dreaming in Sanskrit after a late night dance party with DJ Drez and Marti Nikko. For those who wanted to keep the beat going at camp, White Swan Records offered innumerable soundtracks for the yoga of life.

White Swan Records keep the good vibrations going

White Swan Records keep good vibrations going

Sunny conditions called for a luscious coat of Desert Essence skin products to keep us protected and smelling oh so yummy.

Mark Abadi began an early morning in the Sanctuary where he guided us into the practice of truly being. Though Mark’s voice is smooth as butter, we were the one’s melting into the peace and stillness of meditation.

Mark smiling at the golden silence

Mark smiling at the golden silence

Chanting the Hanuman Chalisa with Zach Leary soon followed, which set in a full feeling of strength and courage for the rest of the day.

Bhava Ram and Laura Plumb stirred up our primal souls with an invigorating asana practice leaving us feeling wild, free, and ecstatic. Sara Ivanhoe and Bizzie Gold kept the high vibe going in other yoga halls. Sarah lead a juicy, detoxifying vinyasa, while Bizzie got us to shed some Shakti Sweat.

Our beloved sister Shiva Rea explored the depth and breadth of a deep bhakti sadhana. We felt sacred prana flow through every cell of our bodies, radiating from wide open hearts.

Meanwhile, Yogi Cameron shared the vital importance of practicing an Ayurvedic lifestyle. He discussed the deeper levels of our subtle bodies–which, when in disharmony, causes affliction to our physical body–and how Ayurveda, herbal medicine, and diet can bring one back to balance.

Ed Harrold held space for us to recognize how our thoughts and actions are ripples of energy that connect us to the Universal field–and how through the power of breath work we can help not only relieve ourselves of stress but assist all souls in gaining health and well-being.

Diving deeply into the theory and practice of sacred mantra, Sheela Bringi enchanted us with both wisdom and grace. She closed the day’s workshops with a relaxing yoga nidra session while blessing us with her high-vibration vocals.

On Main stage, Krishna’s Kirtan livened up an early crowd, while Saul David Raye followed with heart-melting morning mantras. Coconut Bliss served up insanely tasty scoops of pure delight. Cool, creamy bites of salted caramel, ginger cookie, and chocolate hazelnut kept yogi faces more than chilled and  happy while swaying to the mystic afternoon beats of Girish.

 Karnamrita Dasi kept the sweetness flowing with her robust, beautiful bhajans. Jai Uttal then fired up the night, and shook up our Shakti souls with mantras devoted Ma. With an eclectic mix of rock, funk, and reggae inspired rhythms, Jai set us off into a  state of sweeping passion and bhavtastic bliss.