14 Dec Testimonials

As another Bhakti Fest breezes by, the talk of the town is on how Bhakti Fest continues to out-do itself…

“Now THAT was what I call a FINALE!!! Hari Bol Hari Bol Hari Bol Hari Bol!!!! Ain’t no party like a Bhakti Fest party!” ~C.C. White

“Over. The. Top.” ~Brenda Patoine

“On behalf of all the SuryaChandra members, I want to extend to you our deep gratitude for allowing us to share sacred space at the Bhakti Fest. The Fest was a very Shaktifying experience for all of us. What you offer to the world is so needed…”~Vidhu

“Thanks for another awesome time! I really enjoyed all the music and managed to go to a few talks in the Sanctuary as well. The Hanuman Chalisa every AM is a treasure-great way to start the day. I love my cottage – it is my spiritual home away from home and I look forward to being there next September. I just need to figure out how to be in more than one place at a time to do all I want to do at Bhaktifest.” ~Pamela Badger

“On behalf of Joshua, myself, and The Conscious Groove, we would all like to say Thank You from the bottom of our hearts for giving us the opportunity to teach Naam Yoga, to play live music, and to experience the vast greatness of Bhakti! The love and joy of the community that formed over those four days was transformational, beautiful, and amazing!” ~Lemia, Joshua, and The Conscious Groove

“Thank you for having me at another incredible Bhakti Fest. This was truly the best one yet and I felt so honored to be a part of it. Your efforts to create community and give artists/teachers a platform to shine are endlessly appreciated. Thank you for all you do.” ~Debbie Steingesser

“Any situation where I can expand myself, move outside of myself, and fall further into the endless bliss of pure love… I am in love. Bhakti Fest – was nothing short of this.” ~Ashley Davene

“Just got home from BhakitFest… It was my first time. My life is changed forever, for the good! See you all next year!” ~Stacey Doss

“Thank you, everyone, with all my heart for co-creating such a beautiful day. Unforgettable.” ~Holly Richelle

“Peace-chouli thanks… Sharing some vendor love… What an epic event! Amazing and we had a fabulous first year’s experience.” ~KellyAnn Linehan, Vendor

“Thank you ever so much for all you are doing for Bhakti Fest and Bhakti in general. It was a pleasure to work with everyone there and to be a part of such an epic happening. Mantralogy thanks you and I thank you and feel tremendous gratitude.” ~Keli Reddy, Vendor

“I can still hear the music in my head and feel the wonderful love of the community that shows up each year.” ~Erika Burkhalter

“We wanted to send our deepest gratitude for being a part of Bhakti Fest Joshua Tree once again this year! It was a stellar festival, and all kudo’s to you all for everything that you do to bring it, and give it, and live it! Such a meeting of the hearts with the many devotional healers and artists that are part of that global community to help transform the consciousness and the planet at this time… Once again, thank you thank you thank you! May you all the blessings you give be mirrored back a thousand fold.” ~Meenakshi (from Swaha)

“Thank you so much Srihdar for honoring us today. You not only shared with us your festival but the teachings that you have learned along the way.” ~Christina Souza Ma, Founder of YogaHub

“It was yet another mighty Bhakti Fest with even grander seeds of consciousness and transformation your sacred vision imparted. Simply amazing to see how much of joy there was overflowing in the divine celebrations!” ~Nandhi

“I just returned home from the festival and wanted to thank you heartily. The bhav was so ecstatic and powerful and I love how the wonderful, inspiring bhaktas like Sri Radhanath Swami, Syamdas, and the Mayapuris create an authentic transmission of Bhakti Yoga. Teaching hatha yoga in that kind of atmosphere is a joyous celebration unlike any other yoga event that exists today. Deep bow of gratitude.” ~Scott Blossom

“It was an amazing ending. Thanks for all you’ve helped create. Glad to be part of the adventure.” ~Gaura Vani

“I just wanted to send you an email and express to you my appreciation and heart felt gratitude for allowing me the opportunity to join your festival and share this yoga which has so profoundly helped me in my life. I wish you guys all the success and I send you much love and aloha!” ~Bryan Kest

“I just want to thank you so much for inviting me to play at Bhakti Fest. It was a very beautiful experience and a true honor to be there.” ~Carrie

“Breathwork! It gets better and better! Thanks!!!!!” ~Carol

“Thank you again so very much for all you do to make such a wonderful event. I’m so grateful and I feel how it spreads such love and blessings all around.” ~Gina

“I love you all! I would try to tune into the bhav from here whenever I could and I could feel your love from here. Thanks for uplifting the energy of the Universe!” ~Fran

“Wonderful Bhaktifest 2012! All in all, an AMAZING experience yet again!!” ~Alina Cruz

“Dear beautiful people.. I have not missed a festival yet and I can mark my soul’s evolution each and everytime. I always walk away with so much in my heart and I take that back to conservative OC and continue to do the work of spreading the bhakti joy and love. Thank you all for creating such a beautiful place where I can be with my peeps… I have made so many friends from all over the world and it provides me with the recharge I need to get down to the business of transforming this world with the love that is my soul…” ~Jody Theissen

“Thanks so much for having us this year at Bhakti Fest! We absolutely love what you all are doing with getting the kirtan out in the world. It’s really inspiring!” ~Simrit

“I wanted to thank you for a wonderful Bhakti Fest!! Hugs and Blessings! I miss Bhakti already!” ~Samata (Sri Lalita)

“My Holy Krishna!!!! Were you at the closing moment? A good lesson in religion, the believers were brought to the edge of fear for the performers on the stage who really were so immersed in the fervor they had no idea how dangerous the rear lighting was posed to propel itself down upon them… Amazing grace! What an ending.” ~Bill