Bhakti Fest Women’s Red Tent

21 Jul Bhakti Fest Women’s Red Tent


Bhakti Fest Red Tent

Bhakti Fest created a “Red Tent” or “Women’s Dome” for women to come together and be guided in a like-minded sisterhood to explore and share common experiences.  Subjects range from spirituality to sexuality, anger to grief, love and lifestyle, and more. The safety and support of the Red Tent environment encourages women to teach, learn and grow emotionally and spiritually.

The concept of a Red Tent, also known as a moon lodge, menstrual hut or dark moon meeting, was brought back into mainstream popular culture by the 1997 novel The Red Tent by Anita Diamant. In the bestseller, a fictional retelling of the rape of minor Biblical character Dinah, the female characters take refuge in a hut known as the Red Tent whilst menstruating or giving birth. Here they find mutual support and shared wisdom from other women in the tribe. The modern-day equivalent is an empowering experience where members are finding support, sanctity and solace in sisterhood.

Bhakti Fest West September 7-12, 2016 – Joshua Tree, CA 
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