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Experience More

Discover all Shakti Fest has to offer!


Healing Sanctuary

Visit this area for a divine healing experience. Our staff consists of some of the most experienced practitioners and healers from around the world.


Sound Temple

Join us in this sacred space and be transported on a deep healing journey. Experience the amazing vibrations created by gongs, crystal bowls, and so much more.


Dance Temple

Come dance the night away! Feel your spirit awaken and soar as our DJs take you on a journey of movement and music.

Chai Lounge

Come sip delicious Chai Tea from Jaipar Avenue Chai while enjoying the delightful Indian lounge atmosphere at the Main Stage area. All proceeds from the sales of tea and cookies are donated to Food for Life Vrindavan, India

Mantra Dome

Bhakti Fest 2018 introduced the new Mantra Dome!  A dedicated 360 dome space where you can join your favorite artists in chanting sacred mantras.  Open 10am-5pm daily.

Bhakti Kirtan School

Our Kirtan School offers a unique and blessed learning journey. These 2-hour classes will expand your knowledge on “how to” utilize instruments and chanting for a deeper Bhav experience.  Choose from three sessions per day lead by your favorite Sacred Artists. 

Women’s Sacred Space

A safe and sacred space for women to gather, grow, support and learn. Today it is more important than ever to the strengthen the global sisterhood, honor motherhood and the feminine energy needed in world as a whole. This space is devoted to women only.


Men’s Sacred Space

Through the ages, there has always been a breakdown in communication between couples, here in this environment, men learn how to open, share,  heal and forgive. This is a space devoted to men, taught by spiritual elder men, exclusively for men only.

Workshop Halls

We will continue to offer 3 Workshop Halls featuring a diverse group of world famous Teachers.
Stay tuned as we dial in the details for our new location.

Yoga Halls

Stay tuned as we dial in the details for our new location.

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