Bhakti Fest Believes in Helping Others | Please Help us do more with your donations.

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Bhakti Fest is a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization, a subsidiary of the Center for Spiritual Studies (501C3). We will turn your gift into a gift for the world! We work tirelessly to bring yoga, sacred music and transformational experiences to all seekers. With your donations, we will renew our commitment to offering two of the most sacred annual festivals in the United States—Bhakti Fest and Shakti Fest,

Throughout the year we also support other noble causes. We give any monies we generate from our events to major charities, mostly in third world countries. It is through this selfless giving in the NOW that we aspire to mimic Spirit’s loving acceptance of all life, in every moment…Namaste, Peace, Love & Gratitude—The Bhakti Family.

Some of the charities Bhakti Fest  believes in are.



“Invest in me. Send me to school. I will change the world!”

Food for Life Vrindavan is a humanitarian association officially recognized by the Indian government. For the last ten years, Food for Life Vrindavan has worked in the poorest villages in the Vrindavan area (120 Km south of New Delhi).


The Love Serve Remember Foundation is dedicated to preserve and continue the teachings of Neem Karoli Baba and Ram Dass. The foundation facilitates the continuation of these teachings through beb casts, Private Heart 2 Hearts with Ram Dass, online courses, e-books, Words of Wisdom, a vast media library, and a social network. In addition, the Love Serve Remember Foundation sponsors retreats led by Ram Dass featuring other esteemed spiritual teachers on Maui.


“Offering Assistance Programs to Children and their Families”

Dr Prabhavati Dwabha is the director of a small grassroots Rural Development Assistance Project dedicated to the empowerment of women and children living in remote mountains, below poverty-lines, in the villages of the Garhwal, Uttaranchal, India. Say Yes Now has been working in this area for the last 12 years and is happy to have provided assistance to more than 1,800 children in 68 villages and medical assistance to the entire village communities of 12,000.


A world free of avoidable blindness.”

Seva Foundation partners worldwide to create self-sustaining programs that preserve and restore sight.

For 30 years, Seva Foundation has served people around the world who are struggling for health, cultural survival, and sustainable communities. The projects evolve, but their approach is always the same — building partnerships that respect the cultures and traditional wisdom of the people their serve, and focusing on solutions that can be sustained by local communities.


“Let not humanity suffer.”

Under the guidance and inspiration of His Holiness Radhanath Swami, a team headed by a few doctors has been extending themselves to care for the needy in society. Would you like to share your care with them?


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