Bhakti Fest Presents: Bhakti Yatra with Saul David Raye


The most transcendent spiritual pilgrimage: ecstatic kirtan, world-class Yoga, timeless temples, and Divine Saints

November 8 - November 23, 2014


After the success of two very transformative pilgrimages in 2013, Bhakti Yatra will be leading a group through India this November with Bhakti Yoga teacher and kirtan artist Saul David Raye this November.

Yearning to go to the Motherland of Yoga? India imbibes the essence of Bhakti—it is a place where people dedicate their lives to the Divine in its many forms. India is a playground that does not just please the senses, but satisfies the soul.

From November 8 - November 23, Saul David Raye and Sridhar from Center for Spiritual Studies will lead a spiritual pilgrimage through India: a land where the streets pulse with spirituality and its people dedicate their lives to the divine in its many forms. On this 14-day guided, interpersonal tour of India, all of your accommodations, meals, and transportation will be handled by trusted tour guides. Enjoy life at a state of the art, sustainable Eco Village outside of Mumbai that is a pioneer ecological and conscious community as well as architectural design. Sway through the streets of Vrindavan to the harmonic kirtan echoing throughout the streets. Heal yourself at one of the top Ayurvedic retreats in India. Take part in service work with Food for Life Vrindavan orphanage. Visit Radhanath Swami's innovative Bhaktivedanta Hospital in Mumbai.

Chant through India amongst ageless monuments and temples with one of the most innovative artists of the Bhakti and Kirtan movement: Saul David Raye. Deepen your asana practice and philosophy with yoga classes and discourse. Heal yourself at one of the top Ayurvedic retreats in India. These are just a few of the very rare and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities you will have in deepening your Sadhana on this Bhakti Yatra.

The experiences you have will make the trip last far beyond the excursion, but will leave lifelong imprints. It may even just change the course of your destiny. On this Bhakti pilgrimage, you’ll be led by trusted guides who have dedicated their lives to, worked, traveled, and lived in India including founder of Center for Spiritual Studies and Executive Producer of Bhakti Fest, Sridhar Silberfein. We will also spend time with very special guests including David Haberman, Radhanath Swami, Indradyumna Swami, Sacinananda Swami, and many more.

Looking to change your life? Travel beyond familiarity's borders, take a look at life from the other side of the planet, and surrender—you'll get an eyeful and heartful on this escape to India with Bhakti Yatra.

November 8 - November 23, 2014

What's included?

A 14-day guided, interpersonal tour of India:


• All accommodations and transportation, except internal flight and temple entrance
• Two meals a day
• One to two yoga classes per day and daily meditation led by Saul David Raye and visiting teachers
• Evening satsangs and kirtan with Saul David Raye and surprise guests along the way
• Pilgrimage along India’s Holy cities: Mumbai, Vrindavan, and New Delhi
• Visit Baba Muktananda and Bhagawan Nityananda ashrams in Ganeshpuri
• Private darshan with Radhanath Swami, Indradyumna Swami, Sacinandana Swami and visiting teachers
• 6-day stay at Radhanath Swami's State of the art Eco Village
• Pilgrimage to ancient temples and ashrams, including a special Parikrama around Goverdham Hill and Vrindavan
• Private entrance to temples and Holy sites in the Holy Krishna town of Vrindavan
• Seva Opportunities at Food For Life Vrindavan, Radhanath Swami's Eco Village, and more
• Bathe in hot mineral baths
• Stay tuned for exciting announcement and trip details to be released shortly!


$2500 Early Bird Price. First 10 people.

$2800 Standard Bhakti Yatra Price

*Single room supplements are available, email Bhakti Fest for inquiries.



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Testimonies From 2013 Bhakti Yatras

"I was overwhelmingly amazed at the experience.  The sites chosen for the trip were absolutely perfect and amazing, and even more so was the obvious depth and power of Sri's connectedness to the places and people visited. I doubt if any tour could have been organized any better. I thought the level of hotels, food, traveling buses, etc., was very good for the amount of money charged...I never felt threatened, unsafe, or truly unhappy with the accommodations at any point. I have told anyone and everyone who will listen how amazing my experience was and how well the tour was done by the "Bhakti Fest" peeps. I definitely felt like a spiritual pilgrim and not a tourist and that is a sacred gift!" ~Deidre P.

"I loved that the trip was spiritually focused and that we had daily Sadhana to ground and nurture us. It was amazing to cover so many holy sites in such a short period of time and I appreciated that we were able to access India in a way that brought us into the true local culture and spirit, rather than coming in from a western tourist point of view. Due to the nature of the trip and the Bhakti Fest community, all the participants were lovely and the group flowed amazingly well together. I felt the price was reasonable and it was a relief to have food, transport and lodging organized for us." ~Rebecca C.

"Mother India sure cradled me on my journey. I truly had a great healing... was able to shed layers of suffering I was holding on to... I feel so light and free. Can't say for sure whether it was all the pujas, darsharns, dips in the Ganga, or all the prayers I said all across India but all that worry and heaviness of heart has evaporated!" ~Nora J.

Shridar knows how to get through India with strength and grace. It was fun and spiritual and healing and we had access to some of the most incredible beings. We hit so many power places, people, experiences that may have taken many lifetimes but we did it is a few weeks. The best part was the constant chanting. It allows you to see the power of mantra in action. Like when the cow is crossing the freeway and your taxi almost gets into an accident and you are staying peaceful chanting to Ram. These are things you have to experience to know. So it showed me with clarity the power of this practice." ~Maylen D.

"I came on this trip expecting to meet saints, siddhas, and teachers who would tell me something about my journey, however what I learned was  NOTHING IS OUTSIDE OF YOU! We can learn many things from others, but in the final outcome we are our greatest teachers… What I learned was I came on this journey looking for someone and what I found was all the fellow travelers on the yatra are who I was meant to meet. The love flows from my heart every time I think of all and always will. I guess the journey is always about finding your way to the heart which is hopefully where we all want to be." ~Gary B.

"It takes a special personality to be a yoga leader on this trip. Why? Sridhar, in all his ways, has a solid connection to India and to many folks. The Yatra is unique and special. Also seems to have ‘blessed’ timing and 'in the moment’ grace. I like that way of ‘rolling’… We were together and independent, tribal, rulers and followers, like surfing, always like the water, like surfing, in the moment, rising and turning, falling and paddling. And we could dive-in to our bus, our spaceship, take a breather from all that is outside, all that is pounding in India, we could snuggle together, recoup, be safe, travel together to the next open door. I learned a lot, I learned nothing, I experienced tremendous, I still dream like wildfire… underwater….and I feel it was a trip with EXTRA-ORDINARY GRACE…" ~Kristin O.
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