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Bhakti Fest Vendor Village

Browse our vendors below and be sure to visit them when you are at the Festival.  Learn how you can become a vendor

Main Stage

Live in a harmonious balance of strength, comfort and style with our ultimate on-the-go apparel.

Anu Alchemy’s products will be available for sampling and purchasing. They offer Ormus collected in Navapashanam water, Siddha Medicines, Plasma, Spirit Totem Essences and Talisman Gemstones.

Come sip delicious Chai Tea from Jaipar Avenue Chai.

Stop by and get your special Bhakti Fest merch, water bottles, yoga mat bags, or stickers. We also have a variety of goods directly imported from India including shawls, yoga clothes, mala beads, incense, meditation.

Innovative, exceptional teas, consciously sourced, elegantly crafted. Stop by their Main Stage lounge and Indulge in Buddha Teas ultra-pure, fresh cap activated Matcha NOW, or hot CBD & Chakra tea blends.

Island inspired, NJ designed, Thai made, Clothing Brand. A lighter, more comfortable feel, four styles of flowing, stunning patterns, beautiful colored Goddess Pants;Shorts, skirts silk robes, colorful embroidered yoga mat bags, and more.

A Crystal Lounge Sanctuary filled with crystals to be experienced and elevate your physical experience on this planet.

Unique organic clothing

20+years, 100% Hard-Core, TruGanic, Vegan, Bio-compatible Whole Food Superfood Nutrition. Substance is Everything!

Yoga inspired apparel, jewelry, mala beads and fair trade accessories

iYURA, clean and cruelty-free, introduces innovation to Ayurvedic products without compromising on authentic ingredients or the original idea behind the product. Remaining authentic to classical Ayurveda, iYURA caters to the modern, western user.

Singing Bowls and Clothings from Nepal, India, Incenses, Jewelry, Statue, Mala beads.

Conscious, fair trade, eco friendly, small local community based store, spiritual.

Ingredients mean everything to LesserEvilSnack. Their air-popped popcorn is organic, non-GMO and the perfect post-yoga snack. Stop by & try some!

Ganesh’s pen is running out of ink, come help him finish the book!

Liquid Dreams is a lifestyle brand created for the life-enthusiast in us all. Each piece of clothing/artwork is passionately curated and we strive to always create innovative designs.

Hand made mens and womens, hand loomed clothing from Oaxaca Mexico, Ecuador and Peru. They work with indigenous families that make wearable art with pride, tradition and honor. Made with natural fibers of the highest quality.

Mandalas.com offers Sacred and Spiritual art.

America’s Premier kirtan record label. Mandala, the best source for the most beautiful books from varied spiritual traditions.

Hand made silver jewelry with semi precious stones and minerals.

Om Gaia Tree creates consciously comfortable, funk-tional, movement-inspired daily wear and activewear for men & women.

Making rings for beautiful people.

Yoga and meditation inspired jewelry. Custom knotted mala beads are made on siren for festival attendees.

Maker of unique meditation seats and accessories.

Sacred Art Clothing And Custom Leather Works.

SoulJour is an “off the mat” yoga lifestyle brand that provides experiences (live pop-up yoga/meditation), digital (content/media) and product (apparel/accessories) for the seeker, sage and warrior in all of us.

Statues of Ganesh, Shiva, Lakshmi etc. Finding your Ishtadevata (archetype).

Warrior Within Designs is a San Francisco made clothing company creating wearable art or women & men. Our designs are all original & unique in fit offering multiple uses per garment.

Unique, high quality clothing, jewelry, yoga and meditation supplies and more. Many made in the USA. Catering to the sophisticated hippie.

Hand crafted jewelry made with Consciously mined gemstones , crystals and fossils

Rishikesh Row

aTana means, “to wander” in Sanskrit. Premium eco-conscious bags and accessories designed with an adventurous spirit made using organic and recycled materials. Our line of products are designed to last a lifetime.

An eco conscious clothing line, ethically made in L.A. For prayer, work or play.

Delight your senses by experiencing and learning about the pure qaulitiy of DoTerra Essential Oils…a gift from nature.

The Lotus Wrap is a wide fabric strap that cocoons your body allowing you to sit in comfort and be held in Restorative yoga poses.

Indian Vedic Palmistry, Numerology, 3rd Eye Psychic medium. & Lucky Gem Stones . Worked with many celebrities, e.g.CHER, MLK Jr. III, Jack Canfield, Marianne Williamson, Shiva Rea, Dr. John Gray.

Intuitive Readings and Intuitive Art. Gathering Visions, Akasha Shakti and YogaGong4life come together to offer intuitive readings, akashic record readings, intuitive soul visions images and products to uplift the soul.

Ayurveda Therapy, Yoga Therapy consultations and a small shop with yoga/Ayurveda items.

Mystech provides Bio-Technology that restores cellular function to the body. Wearing 7.83hz Jewelry protects the body from EMF… Come by for a Live Demo!

Namaslay captures the essence of Eastern tradition for the Modern Goddess. The inspiration for Namaslay comes from the Hindu Goddess Radha who is the embodiment of pure love and is often depicted in flowered headdresses.

NamasteLight is a modern email marketing solution for yoga studios, wellness entrepreneurs and heart-centered businesses. By choosing NamasteLight, you are making a difference, because every time you send an email campaign, we plant a tree!

Old Delhi Music is an online boutique offering a carefully curated collection of traditional Indian instruments. See us in person at Bhakti Fest!

Skin care so organic it’s edible! Made from plants not petrochemicals, these 100% natural products work at the molecular level to give fast visible results. Stop by and give us 45 seconds and walk away with beautiful skin!

Original designs / yoga dance clothing.

Beautiful custom wire wrap natural stone, crystal, fossils, and shell jewelry. Customers choose stones and designs and jewelry is made on location.

All your favorite kirtan and music for the conscious lifestyle.

Sustainable activewear and swimwear made with recycled plastic bottles and love. Prints inspired by sacred geometry in nature. Kaleidoscopic reflections of the yogi spirit.

Hidden Treasure Lane

Spiritual Books and Art for donation that supports our Outreach Program, especially our prison program (www.changeaheart.com).

We put love in action by creating transformative kirtan events that promote peace and well being.

Ethical brand promoting healthy lifestyle through offering free-flow stylish clothing.

Govardhan Eco Village is a fully sustainable eco-community & spiritual oasis founded by Radhanath Swami. It is located North of Mumbai in India in a bio-diverse region. The Eco-village fuses modern science with ancient Vedic wisdom which invites one

Fine objects of meditation designed and manufactured for the modern world.

A conscious awareness life style brand. Educating and providing healing gemstone jewelry made with fair trade eco friendly gemstones and precious metals that are infused with the Hawaii energy

There mission is to support Asian elephants in Sri Lanka and India, while honoring the cultures that value peaceful co-existence.

Bhakti Court

Handcraft customers jewelry. with one of kind designs.

Carbonized Bamboo Nutritional Products.

Handmade women’s yoga/summer apparel and accessories.

100% Gauze Cotton clothing that elegantly moves, flows, and breathes with you. Conscious clothing that promotes relaxation and grace.

Handmade, one of a kind, upcycled garments & goods.

Food Court

California’s Original Artisan Organic Ghee-Maker.

Superfood acai bowls with hand-crafted organic gourmet gf granola & specialty almond butters.

Steaming whole grains and beans cooked in organic coconut oil mounted with a crisp blend of leafy greens, herbs, veggies, fruit and zesty Bite sauce.

BuddyPops offers delicious ice pops and frozen bananas dipped in dark chocolate. Our all-day breakfast service includes nourishing avocado and nut butter toasts.

GoodFarms is a socially responsible farming/juice company committed to cultivating positive change and improving lives from farm to table!

Vegan, vegetarian, organic, gluten free choices of delicious Indian cuisine.Curry and rice bowls, nan wrap, samosa, mango lassi chai tea.

Fueling festival goers since 1993 with organic espresso drinks, homemade chai, handcrafted teas and their signature Funky Monkey.

Fresh organic probiotic drinks, organic superfood drinks for energy and immunity, fresh sprouted organic almond milks.

Organic, vegan gluten free- entrees, salads, beverages, desserts & more.

Mana Artisan Botanics, Hawaii’s first wellness-driven hemp company, handcrafts phytocannabinoid-rich products.

Authentic hand tossed pizza made using the highest quality ingredients, locally sourced vegetables, and with intention.

Proud Source Water is naturally alkaline and comprised of naturally 8.1ph water sourced from deep in the Rocky Mountains, in a sustainable and infinitely recyclable vessel. Get your bottle & reuse during the Festival!

Organic, vegan, hand-made Sudanese-style Falafels.

Serving Superfood Soft Serve, Shakes, and Herbal Lattes. Offers a line of Nutritionals, Herbs, and Superfoods sourced and manufactured in-house.

Freshly squeezed citrus juice that is raw and organic!!

Sunwarrior is committed to making the best plant-based proteins and superfoods. Its mission is to nourish and transform the planet, one warrior at a time.

Roasted herbal ‘coffees’ and teas, with all the energy you need, without the crash. Teeccino is non-acidic, caffeine-free, hydrating and full of antioxidants.

Turmeric Food and Beverage.

Alternative Vegan Gluten-free Soy-free Fast Food , 100% non-gmo and phenomenal. Gorilla burgers, ceviche tostadas, nachos , cheesy charred beet Rueben and cauliflower wing

Hanuman Stage

Artist Jlorene Gage returns to Bhaktifest with colorful series “Guides & Gurus” including Buddha, Kwan Yin, Ganesha, Krishna, Mary, Lakshmi, and others. Originals and prints available.

All handmade and Fair Trade jewelry and apparel made in partnership with empowered artisans in India, Thailand and Bali.

Handmade healing jewelry and accessories created with love intended to spread love.

All designs based from trips around the world to powerful places like Bali, India and Nepal. All clothing is hand screen printed in Los Angeles.

A space where animal meets spirit and community share is encouraged. We assist those into their own empowerment through the use of holistic health through various energy work and herbal remedies.

Lovingly crafted, handmade, functional pottery to enrich your daily life. Honor life. Create ritual.

Fashion-forward unisex yoga and festival attire. Original, handmade designs made from natural and sustainable materials.

Karen Renée Robb, founder of Frame Drum Wisdom facilitates reconnection to the power of sound vibration using the frame drum and other sound “healing” instruments. Connect with your own sound for well-being!

Handmade art and jewelry by a survivor of sexual violence. These pieces reflect my journey through healing as a survivor and healing art teacher.

Your Informed mind, healthy body connection. Organic Produce, Supplements, Spices and healthy alternatives for your daily needs.

Beautiful, fun, easy wear clothing from the office to dinner to dancing,and back home again. “Better than loungerie”. Edgy undies and Indian brass earrings.


Custom crafted active lifestyle clothing for the spiritual at mind.

Moroccan resortwear-we are travel chic clothing. If you can travel with it, you can do anything with it.

Sacred Seed Malas is dedicated to establishing a devotional connection between Rudrasksha Malas and Yogic practicioners.

Elegant goddess inspired clothing and art from the Divine sacred feminine.

Starwater Yoga uses the power of intention, geometry, color, and symbols to produce products that create sacred space and support you as a consciously creative being.

Temple Flower is an athleisure line of apparel that lights up impoverished villages around the world. With each purchase, you join our Light Up A Life initiative that helps us bring solar energy to historically marginalized communities.

VENIUS is an eco-luxury lifestyle YOGA APPAREL BRAND that is available in several retailer and Yoga studios worldwide.

Handmade Festival Clothes from Joshua Tree

Handmade Festival Clothes from Joshua Tree.

Workshop Hall 1/Sanctuary

A leader in Ayurvedic Natural Liquid Nutritional Solutions/ Supplements, founded and based in Sedona for 10 years.

Blissful handcrafted wood creations.

Bali Prema, which means “Unconditional Spiritual Love” in Sanskrit, is women’s clothing that unites the comforts of resort beach wear with relaxed bohemian, California style.

Handmade headbands for sport and fashion. A f’Laurel designs headband is both fun and functional!

Superior CBD and Moringa Products. Oils, Tinctures, Creams, Seeds, Leaves.

Beautiful yoga mat bags and backpacks along with several other items such as straps and anklets.

Beautiful and functional Yoga Pants

Zafuko offers light firm beautiful meditation and yoga pillows for multiple use , as a support for seated meditation or as a block/bolster for yoga poses.

Yoga Hall 1 & 2

Organic Cotton Yoga Clothing for Yogis and Yoginis. Performance fit active wear fit specifically for yoga. Environmentally conscious company. All made in USA. Machine washable.

Bo Yoga blends the best of yoga, qigong and meditation using a unique prop called a Balance Bar which helps with balance, alignment and accessability.

Keggel sells yoni eggs made from the flawless, high-quality certified gemstones to aid in pelvic floor health, sexual awakening, and female empowerment.

Yoga bodysuits for living embodied. 100% California Made

Neem Karoli Baba Ashram and Hanuman Temple in Taos, New Mexico. Love Everyone, Feed Everyone, Remember, Tell The Truth. Building a New Hanuman Temple.

Original design & festival inspired UV protectant, cooling technology towels. Stay cool and refreshed during your yoga, dance and other festival activies

The Grove

Yoga-inspired sacred seed jewelry & micro-macrame. All handcrafted by Indian artist Adi Pirzada.

Earth-inspired gemstone jewelry, organic henna tattoos, and spiritual goods straight from India.

Tammy Wilkins is the creator and owner of Blue Moon Malas. Originally from New Orleans, she temporarily (2008-2013) relocated to southern Florida after Hurricane Katrina and started Blue Moon Malas, after discovering the healing aspects of yoga and going.

High vibrational goods and services: Curated goods from medicine people and indigenous crafters of peru along with some makings of my own; textiles, bags, jewelry, altar cloths- I also provide healing services- tea, rapeh, dream interpretation.

Gong Meditations on sound table, selling gongs, and gong accessories, Sound Healing under the Trees in the Grove!

Painting sacred energy mandalas, chakras, devas and devis, landscapes and music. Hand painted chakra scrolls on hemp.

Radhanath Swami’s non-profit humanitarian projects.

Bringing alignment between mind, body and soul.

Sridaiva Wellness mission is to inspire others to take accountability in the well being of of themselves. To allow them create their own very unique relationship with the world around them. To show love and compassion towards the needs of others healing.

Yoga and Vedic Astrology Courses.

Intuitive Somatic Reiki Healing, Chakra Balancing, Tarot Readings and High Vibration Crystals

Wild Crafted Herbs from the Sierra Mountains, teaching ecological stewardship, providing herbal remedies from nature.

Are you ready for Soul Clearing? Experience gentle, compassionate and profound undoing of energetic blocks and past life karma with Energy Healer Barret Hedeen.

Yoga teacher training.

LA Based Non Profit Organization with its mission to give back to India by empowering women and children.

Mobile Vendors

Henna World Crew applies temporary tattoos using organic henna and jagua.

An Innovation in Self Care Technology.

“One should see any opportunity to serve as a rare and precious gift…and never waste such an opportunity.” ~ Amma