Bhakti Fest is a Yoga | Dance | Sacred Music Festival

which celebrates the devotional path. Bhaktifest is a certified Non Profit 501c3 and has its roots in Yoga, Sacred Music (Kirtan), and Meditation. It embraces ancient and modern sacred wisdom and traditional and non-traditional spiritual practices. The festival is a vehicle for evolution of human consciousness through a heart-centered revolution. Bhakti Fest builds a community of people drawn to follow the path of the heart – a devotional, prayerful, loving, healthful, respectful family. All the artists, presenters, and vendors embody, practice, and share the spirit of Bhakti through a variety of ways, including:


•    Continuous Kirtan Music

•    Yoga Classes

•    Meditations and Prayer

•    Teachings and workshops

•    Fire Ceremonies (Pujas)

•    Hanuman Chalisas

•    Eco-Friendly, holistic market place

•    Vegetarian, Vegan, and Raw Vegan Cuisine

•    Wellness Sanctuary: massage, bodywork, energy work, intuitive readings, and other unique wellness enhancing modalities.

Bhakti Fest encourages the spirit of service and offers a work exchange Seva program. The festival donates monies to a variety of non-profit organizations which provide housing, food, education, medical, and environmental restoration programs around the world.



Bhakti Fest is working with new green webhosts who buy wind energy credits to offset our energy consumption. This allows Green Solutions to shift the environmental impact of our energy consumption, and at the same time find a new level of responsibility and participation.

Basically, the way it works is that we are pulling energy from the grid in order to make sure our servers are not interrupted by a lack of power. This power is in part supplied by producers of polluting technologies like fossil fuels. However, we compensate for the polluting power we pull by purchasing wind energy credits for the energy we consume. In fact we replace, with wind power, 130% of the amount of energy used by our servers.

In other words, if we pull 1 unit of power from the grid, we purchase enough wind energy credits to put back 130% of that back into the grid with wind power produced energy. This not only offsets our carbon footprint, but also that of our whole industry as well.

Our Green host partners are part of the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Green Power Partner program. They have also reconfigured our servers so that they run more efficiently, using less energy and running cooler, along with many more minor ways to be a more eco-conscious Internet presence. It feels good to be part of this brand new, forward thinking model for Green Website Hosting.